Our Mission

To facilitate, motivate and educate women in their 40s and beyond, in the creation of physical and mental health now and in the future.

Core Values

1. Health is not just physical; mental & social health is essential.
2. Weight neutral - our focus is on good nutrition, not weight loss.
3. Encourage self-directed goal setting & vitality for sustainable health habits.

Why Choose Us?

Our programs are unique because of both our focus on the needs of women aged 40+, and our holistic approach that builds physical and mental strength, provides nutrition support (not targeting weight loss!) and increases your knowledge on important health topics. Another differentiator is our philosophy on creating sustainable health habits, which is why everyone starts on our Level 1 (FOUNDATIONS) program, because only a solid foundation can support the construction of long-term change. So we don’t want you to do our program to tone your booty (although that is a likely happy side-effect!); we want you to join because you want to get the most out of life, and recognise our approach as a sustainable enabler to achieve that.

Our Philosophy


About Kate

Kate is a physician, researcher, writer and mother of three who is passionate about empowering people to improve their health and longevity through lifestyle. Kate initially studied medicine because she loved science and wanted to apply this to help people. She completed training in internal medicine and was drawn to geriatric medicine because it is a truly holistic specialty, with the added benefit of life lessons from people who have achieved a very long life!

Kate’s clinical experience inspired her to do a PhD to better understand frailty and how this interacts with social factors. She uses this knowledge and practical clinical experience to offer an evidence-based overview on health and aging. She has written for many media outlets, including the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age, Whimn and Mamamia. She also regularly gives talks.

Outside work, she loves spending time with her children, and of course keeping fit.

About Cass

Starting as a sports-mad teenager, Cass has been working in the fitness industry for fifteen years. She initially started working as a personal trainer, but soon realised that she wanted to be able to do more for her clients and so completed a degree to become an accredited exercise physiologist. This only made her even more determined to understand how exercise can mitigate age related changes in muscle function, so she decided to do a PhD. For Cass, the most exciting part of research is its highly dynamic environment, the endless opportunities to learn and the possibility of contributing to improving health outcomes in society. The initial love of sports has transformed into a deep understanding of muscle from the cellular level to the squat!

Cass still works with clients, and her favourite part of of this is helping them achieve their goals, big and small. Cass has used this deep level of scientific knowledge and client experience to develop a unique program to help women achieve their strength goals.

When she’s not working, Cass likes getting back to the country where she grew up.

Hi, we're Kate & Cass.

We’re a doctor and exercise physiologist and we met while working together, where we bonded over our shared love of helping people to improve their health through evidence-based lifestyle strategies. As well as clinicians, we are both researchers because we are absolutely committed to understanding how to improve healthy life expectancy.

We created Project Three Six Twelve because we wanted to use the lessons we had learnt in clinic and from our research to give women in their 40s and beyond the tools they need to create sustainable, long-term health. Everyday we see what an amazing difference exercise and nutrition make to people’s moods and well-being, but we also see that health is not just about our bodies; it is equally about our minds. We use a combined approach because while improving physical fitness can be a pathway to better mental health, strategies that foster positive emotion help provide the motivation to make lifestyle changes.

And of course, life is to be enjoyed, so we hope you have as much fun doing them as we have had creating them!

Cassandra Smith and Dr Kate Gregorevic Prokect Three Six Twelve

Left: Cass. Right: Kate