Hi, we're Kate & Cass, a doctor and exercise physiologist.

We met working together, where we bonded over our shared love of helping people to improve their health through evidence-based lifestyle strategies. As well as clinicians, we are both researchers because we are absolutely committed to understanding how to improve healthy life expectancy.

We created Project Three Six Twelve because we wanted to use the lessons we had learnt in clinic and from our research to help more people improve their health. We believe that there is no point living as long as possible if you’re not having fun. Everyday we see what an amazing difference exercise and nutrition make to people’s moods and well-being. We also see that health is not just about our bodies, but also about our minds. We use a combined approach because while improving physical fitness can be a pathway to better mental health, strategies that foster positive emotion to help provide the motivation to make lifestyle changes.

We’ve designed these exercise programs for women 40 and beyond based on the work we do in clinic and our research, creating fun and accessible programs to improve health for the present and future.

We hope you have as much fun doing them as we have had creating them!

Cassandra Smith and Dr Kate Gregorevic Prokect Three Six Twelve

Why choose Project Three Six Twelve?

We know there are many online well-being programs, but unlike most our program is specifically designed for women in their 40s and beyond. We don’t want you to do our program to tone your booty (although that is a likely happy side-effect!); we want you to join our program because you want to get the most out of life, and recognise our programs as an enabler to achieve that.

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