What's your health goal?

  • Improve fitness/stamina
  • Improve mental strength/well-being
  • Improve physical strength
  • Find a sustainable level of health & well-being
  • Reduce the risks of longer term health issues
  • Weight management
  • Improve fitness/stamina
  • Improve mental strength/well-being
  • Improve physical strength
  • Find a sustainable level of health & well-being
  • Reduce the risks of longer term health issues
  • Weight management

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Welcome and congratulations, you’ve already taken the first step just by getting here! In our memberships you get online exercise and well-being programs with a difference. Designed by our experts in aging and exercise physiology, these evidence-based programs are crafted specifically for the health & well-being of women over 50, and combine simple resistance training exercises, Tai Chi, Mindful Meditation, activity challenges, nutrition advice/recipes and education about the science of well-being and stress management.

Why? Because our research shows a holistic mind + body approach is needed to help these women achieve the quality of life desired in the decades ahead. We also know gyms can be intimidating, and that time is precious, so our 3-6-12 programs keep it simple and flexible. Designed to be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and with options to suit people of all abilities, all you need to get started is your phone, tablet or laptop, a bit of time, and a bit of will power. 

  • 3 exercise sessions per week, a small investment to build your longevity.

  • OPTIONAL Tai Chi, Mindfulness, Yoga & Activity Challenges to keep you moving 6 days per week, a key ingredient for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Combined into 3 tiers of programs, each 12 weeks long.

Meet The Team

Kate & Cass – Our experts in aging and exercise physiology.

Health & longevity courses for older women project three six twelve kate gregorevic

Dr. Kate Gregorevic

Geriatrician, PhD, Author of "Staying Alive"

Exercise courses for older women project three six twelve Cassandra Smith

Cassandra Smith

Exercise Physiologist & Scientist, PhD Candidate


At Project Three Six Twelve our mission is to improve the health and well-being of women over 50, but we also understand that everyone needs to build a solid foundation before they can target higher goals. That’s why everyone starts with at our 12-Week Level 1 (FOUNDATIONS) Program, consisting of three components to give your overall health and well-being a boost and set you up for long-term improvements.

  • Component 1: Resistance Training

    The evidence is clear - keeping strong is a key enabler to maintaining our independence. Cass, our exercise physiologist, has designed the routine specifically for the needs of women over 50. You'll have access to programs built from a growing library of over 100 body-weight exercises.

  • Component 2: Tai Chi

    This ancient mind-body exercise is a form of moving meditation, requiring control and coordination, while also improving your balance. Over 12 weeks Master Han Jin Song, founder of Tai Chi Australia, will teach you the 8 fundamental movements of Tai Chi.

  • Component 3: Knowledge & Education

    As the saying goes, knowledge is power. That's why we give away to everyone our free eBook, "7 Steps to Better Health & Longevity", then for the 3rd component of our program we provide a weekly webinar where we delve into key health factors and how we age, such as menopause, nutrition, sleep and dementia prevention.

Level 2 (BUILD)

Having created a solid foundation in Level 1, you are now ready to build on it and take your health and well-being to the next level. We keep the same general 12-week format, but introduce new concepts and challenges to keep you improving and motivated. 

  • Component 1: Resistance Training

    It's time to step it up. In Level 2 we introduce small hand-weights and use them in a variety of ways to push your muscles further. And having carefully mastered correct technique in our Level 1 Foundations program, you are now ready for new and more advanced compound exercises. You'll also experience light impact work to improve bone strength, plus with the new follow-along-with-Cass format you'll also feel like you are working out with a gym buddy!

  • Component 2: Mindfulness

    Take a break from the physical workouts and focus on your mental health with Mindfulness meditations designed to build your mental strength, self-awareness and resilience. Leading you through this is Phil Chen, who holds a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and a Master of Counselling, the focus of his Master’s thesis being “How to Use Mindfulness Training to Improve Personal Wellness, Efficacy and Effectiveness of Senior Managers in the Corporate World”. Since 2014, Phil has conducted over 40 Mindfulness workshops, 32 in Australia and 8 overseas (Indonesia, China, Thailand, India, Malaysia and Brazil), and his passion is to pass on his knowledge and experience to as many people as he can.

  • Component 3: Knowledge & Education

    Never stop learning. It's empowering, rewarding and frankly just good for your brain! In Level 2 we continue the weekly webinars, where Dr Kate explores such topics as Heart Disease, Muscular-Skeletal Health, Diabetes, Alcohol, and the power of gratitude.

  • Component 4: Activity Challenges

    To enable you reaching the World Health Organisation's recommendation for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week, you'll also get an activity challenge for the week, helping you get some fresh air and a change of scenery from your usual workout location.


After Level 1 & 2, it’s now time for the final step towards sustainable health. In Level 3 we use the same general 12-week format again but evolve it to push you forward and keep improving.

  • Component 1: Resistance Training

    In Level 3 you'll reuse the hand-weights from Level 2, but we step up in difficulty by extending the repetitions and reducing the rest. We don't want you having to spend on new equipment unnecessarily or trying to figure out what to do at the expense of good technique, so this evolution from Level 2 is all part of our approach to achieving sustainable health.

  • Component 2: Yoga

    Like the Tai Chi from Level 1, we consider Yoga a form of moving meditation, good for both your mind and body. Leading you through this series is Dr. Celia Ting, a qualified medical doctor and physician but also a registered yoga teacher who completed her Advanced Diploma of Yoga teaching with the Australian Yoga Academy, plus more than 500 hrs of training under the guidance of Power Living Australia in Vinyasa sequencing and applied anatomy with her teacher Duncan Peak, and Yin training with Truth Robinson. She has also trained with renowned international teacher Annie Carpenter, and while her passion is on anatomy, physiology and exploring benefits of wellness and yoga, she has also throughout her career as a doctor found the benefits of yoga and meditation to help with stress and anxiety related to work.

  • Component 3: Knowledge & Education

    Complementing the physical and mental strength you've now developed, Dr. Kate once more provides a series of Webinars, delving more deeply into a whole range of fascinating topics across health, nutrition and well-being.

  • Component 4: Activity Challenges

    Just like in Level 2, we want to make sure you are reaching the goal of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week, so you'll get a new set of activity challenges to get you up and outdoors, and providing you ever more ideas for how you can achieve sustainable health.

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Disclaimer: individual results will vary based on multiple factors. Consider the above feedback a guideline only for what you can expect.

Exercise courses for older women project three six twelve

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